Member - International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR)

Head Office: Indian Pharmacological Society, C/o Research India Foundation, Srinidhi Residency, 1st Floor, House No. 12-13-754, Siddartha Nagar, Street No. 1, Tarnaka , Secunderabad, Hyderabad -500 017, Telangana State, Phone No. 7901256490.
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Honours & Awards


S. No. Oration Name
1 CHOPRA MEMORIAL ORATION Dr. Chandra Kant Katiyar, New Delhi
2 PROF. NARANJAN DHALLA AWARD Dr. O. N. Tripathi, Lucknow
3 S. C. LAHIRI ORATION Prof.(Dr.) Antony Gomes, Kolkata

Prizes & Awards 41st International conference and Annual conference - AIIMS, New Delhi

S. No. Prize Name Title
1 O.D.Gulati Prize Biswas .A Effect of Nicorandil on Blood Glucose level in Normal rats
2 UK Seth Prize Narula PK Topiramate Prevents Olanzapine- Induced Metabolic Alterations in Schizophrenia
3 Gufic Prize Shah A Evaluation of Antiurolithiatic Activity of Citrus media Linn.In rats implanted with calcium oxalate seed
4 G.Achari Prize Upadhyaya MA Evidence for involvement of Corticotrophin- Releasing factor (CRF) 2 Receptors in Acute, Chronic and withdrawal Responses of Nicotine on feeding Behaviour in rats
5 SURYA KUMARI PRIZE Usharani P et al Suryakumari Sister of Dr.Harnath died due to diabetes at the early age. The award is given for best paper published in Indian/Foreign Journal in diabetes by Pharmacologist.
6 UVNAS Vipin P Dhote et al Prof. Unvas , Ex-president IUPHAR installed a -award for the best paper published on Autacoids and biogenic amineas
7 JAIPUR PRIZE Dandekar et al The Prize is given alternative to the Indian national working in the Indian laboratory for the best paper published in any journal.
8 SAROJ SHARMA PRIZE Bawankule DU et al Prof.V.N.Sharma has installed award for the best paper published in Cadiovascular Sciences in any Journal.

Chopra Memorial Oration
(Instituted in 1976)

Col. Ram Nath Chopra
Doyen of Indian Pharmacology

Year Venue Awardee
1976 Varanasi Dr.B.Mukherjee (Calcutta)
1977 Calcutta Dr.M.L.Gujral (Lucknow)
1978 New Delhi Dr.Ranita Aiman (Bangalore)
1979 Raipur  
1980 Jammu Tawi Dr.B.N.Dhawan (Lucknow)
1981 Bombay Dr.M.L.Dhar (New Delhi)
1982 Chandigarh Dr.K.P.Bhargava (Lucknow)
1983 Ajmer Dr.B.B.Gaitonde (New Delhi)
1984 New Delhi Dr.S.C.Lahiri (Calcutta)
1985 Pondicherry Dr.S.S.Parmar (USA)
1986 Srinagar Dr.G.Shanthakumari (Trivandrum)
1987 Bangalore Dr.P.C.Dandia (New Delhi)
1988 Hyderabad Dr.G.V.Satyavati (New Delhi)
1989 Calcutta Dr.P.Sisodia (Hyderabad)
1990 Bombay Dr.R.K.Sanyal (Delhi)
1991 Ahmedabad Dr.F.K.S.Barar (Jaipur)
1992 Muzaffarpur Dr.P .L.Sharma (Chandigarh)
1993 Hissar Dr.R.R.Choudhary (New Delhi)
1994 Bombay Dr.R.C.Srimal (Lucknow)
1995 Patiala Dr.P.K.Kar
1996 Hyderabad Dr.V.K.Kamboj
1997 Jammu Tawi Dr.Kamala Krishnaswamy (Hyderabad)
1998 Lucknow Dr. Vijay Shekharan (Madras)


Founder of Academic Pharmacology in Indian Medical Schools

Year Venue Awardee
1979 Raipur Dr.B.B.Roy (Calcutta)
1980 Jammu Tawi Dr.P.S.R.K.Haranath (Hyderabad)
1981 Bombay Dr.M.N.Ghosh (Pondicherry)
1982 Chandigarh Dr.Q.D.Gulati (Baroda)
1983 Ajmer Dr.P .K.Das (Varanasi)
1984 New Delhi Dr.Joy David (Bangalore)
1985 Pondicherry Dr.P.M.Stephen (Vellore)
1986 Srinagar Dr.P.N.Saxena (Aligarh)
1987 Bangalore Dr.A.Ahmed (Srinagar)
1988 Hyderabad Dr.P.K.Kar (Cuttack)
1989 Calcutta Dr.S.D.Seth (New Delhi)
1990 Bombay Dr.D.R.Kulkami (Manipal)
1991 Ahmedabad Dr.S.K.Bhattacharya (Varanasi)
1992 Muzaffarpur Dr.J.S.Bapna (New Delhi)
1993 Hissar Dr.B.S.Doshi (Bombay)
1994 Bombay Dr.R.D.Kulkarni (Bombay)
1995 Patiala Dr.M.M.Das (Calcutta)
1996 Hyderabad Dr.V .N.Kamboj
1998 Jammu Tawi Dr.Nilima Kshirsagar
1999 Lucknow Dr.C.Adhithan

Achari Memorial Oration
(Instituted in 1992)

Sri Govind Achari
Architect of Indian Pharmacological Society

Year Venue Awardee
1992 Muzaffarpur Dr.B. Uvnas (Sweden)
1993 Hissar Dr.K.N.Sharma (Delhi)
1998 Lucknow Dr.Y.K.Gupta (New Delhi)


S.No. Recipient Year Venue
1 Dr. M. L. Gujral 1997 Jammu Tawi
2 Dr.V.K.Shabh
3 Dr. V. N. Sharma
4 Dr.L.K.Kameswaran
5 Dr.P.S.R.K.Haranath
6 Dr.R.S.Grewal
7 Dr.P.K.Das
8 Dr.B.N.Dhawan
9 Dr.M.N.Ghosh
10 Dr.P.K.Kar
11 Dr.O.D. Gulati
12 Dr.R.S.Satoskar
13 Dr.P.L.Sharma
14 Dr.P.M.Stephen
15 Dr.P.C.Dandiya
16 Dr.R.D.Kulkarni
17 Dr.P.Sisodia
18 Dr.S.D.Seth
19 Dr.B.P.Mukherjee
20 Dr.J.S.Bapna
21 Dr.Hardayal Singh
22 Dr.R.K.Raina 1998 Lucknow

(Instituted in 1996)

S.No. Awardee Year Venue
1 Dr.V.K.Bhargava 1996 Jammu Tawi
2 Dr.C.Adhithan 1997 Lucknow
3 Dr.R.K.Goyal 1998 New Delhi